Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dole-Gudbrandsdal Ponies

The Dole-Gudbrandsdal is very similar to the British Dales Pony, and is likely that they stem from the same historic ancestor. The dole Gudbrandsdal comes in varying but recognizable types within the breed (the Dole and Gudbrandsdal were originally separate breeds which have now become amalgamated), but also because other types of blood have been introduced into it, from heavy draft blood to trotting, Thoroughbred, and Arab blood making it a versatile breed which can do many jobs. Its offshoot, the Dole Trotter, is the result of extensive crossing with Thoroughbreds. Dole Gudbrandsdal numbers were depleted by the end of world War 2, but in the 1960s state studs were established throughout Norway, and the Dole-Gudbrandsdal was one of the breeds they fostered, resulting in an increase in both its numbers and popularity.
a patient king temperament is combined with energy, stamina, and strength. It requires minimal care, doing well on meager feed. The Dole Gudbrandsdal is still used in harness by Norwegian farmers for general farm work and in forestry, while its trotter strain is raced very regularly with great popularity.Dole Gudbrandsdal is mainly black and brown with some bay, Palomino and gray occur rarely. Dole Gudbrandsdal Ponies stand about 14 to 15hh.
pictures done by Tangle Tree Ranch

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