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Friday, February 24, 2012

Rebecca's Horse

here is a few pictures of Rebecca's horse. sorry the pictures are not very good.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Here is a picture of a pinto horse. Height is variable as Pintos can be ponies or horses. There are two recognized
Pinto coat patterns the Tobiano, with large, well defined patches of white and colored coat and normally with a colored head and dark eyes, and the Overo,  with smaller patches, with the white always appearing to originate from the belly, the back, mane, and tail usually colored and the face white with blue eyes.
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Rocky Mountain pony

here is a picture of a rocky mountain pony. Rocky mountain ponies stand about 14 hands. high As most American native breeds are based on old Iberian stock. Spanish and Barb characteristics frequently come to the fore in one way or the other, and this is the case with the rocky mountain pony,  which has inherited the comfortable Iberian lateral gait known as the amble.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quarter horses

Quarter horses stand about 16 hands high.
 Although primarily developed as a short distance racehorse, the Quarter horse is as well known for its skills in Western  riding disciplines. It is noted for its inherent cow sense. Quarter horses are noted for extremely fast standing starts, great speed over short distances, agility, and cow sense. in addition, they are known fortheir docile and willing temperament while being, at the same time, lively, energetic, and happy to try anything. They are usually kept in very varying conditions, from being fully stabled at luxury racing establishments, to running out on the range in the Western parts of the United States. In practice, being halfbred or warmblooded, they are not difficult to care for and are physically tough.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Dutch Warmblood horses

The Dutch Warmblood's main use is as a show jumper, dressage, and general riding horse, Because of its amenable temperament, sound conformation, and superb action, it can also be used as a carriage driving horse, in competition or otherwise. Most Dutch Warmblood's have an excellent temperament, being normally quiet, willing, intelligent, and with enough spirit and energy to command attention and perform the work required of them. They are noted especially for their flowing gaits which make them a pleasure to ride and attractive to watch. They require the normal care given to hard working, athletic horses, and despite being top level competition animals, they are still quiet easy for the moderately experienced handler to ride and look after. Dutch Warmblood horses stand about 16 hands high.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

polo ponies

 Polo ponies need to be tough, very agile, and fast over short distances; they must also be intelligent and have lightning responses a lot to demand in one animal. The best polo ponies are usually regarded as the Argentine ones, although most countries where polo is played breed at least some of their own ponies.The game of polo is one of the oldest in the world. it originated in Persia shortly before 500 B.C., spreading  fairly quickly to other areas and peoples. It is a fast, tough game, and needs a pony with similar qualities.The British Raj in India, from whence it spread to every continent in the world. today, the best polo pony inthe world comes from Argentina. A polo ground measures 300 yards by 200 yards (274m by 180m), withgoal posts at least 10 feet (3m) high placed 24 feet (7.3m) apart. The game is played with a hard ball made ofbamboo root or willow and is hit from the saddle by a mallet measuring 48-54 inches (120-137cm ) long witha solid, cylindrical wooden head on the end of the shaft. The object of the game is to hit the ball between the opposing team's goal posts. There are two teams of four players (so eight ponies and riders on the field at once), each game being divided into a maximum of eight chukkas (periods of play) of 7 and a half minutes.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Tennessee walking horses

here are a few pictures of Tennessee walking horses,

Tennessee walking horses stand about 15 hands high. The Tennessee walking horse is often compared to the Saddle-bred, but is a much less stylish horse. Its temperament is kind and tractable, and its distinctive gaits, particularly its running walk, are very much desired. Although bred extensively for the show ring the Tennessee Walking horse  is also used as a general riding and harness horse. Famous for its fast running walk, this breed is extremely popular as a show and general pleasure and harness horse. Having anequable temperament and being easy to care for the Tennessee Walking horse is a rewarding yet not too demanding horse to own.

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