Monday, February 13, 2012

Dutch Warmblood horses

The Dutch Warmblood's main use is as a show jumper, dressage, and general riding horse, Because of its amenable temperament, sound conformation, and superb action, it can also be used as a carriage driving horse, in competition or otherwise. Most Dutch Warmblood's have an excellent temperament, being normally quiet, willing, intelligent, and with enough spirit and energy to command attention and perform the work required of them. They are noted especially for their flowing gaits which make them a pleasure to ride and attractive to watch. They require the normal care given to hard working, athletic horses, and despite being top level competition animals, they are still quiet easy for the moderately experienced handler to ride and look after. Dutch Warmblood horses stand about 16 hands high.

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Preacher K said...

Those are beautiful horses! WOW...he is actually jumping over a car...that must have been a sight to see.

It looks like they do make good jumpers. Thanks for the post. I did not even know there was such a breed as "Dutch Warmblood".

Love, MOM