Sunday, September 2, 2012


There are many horse breeds and pony breeds throughout the world, with each horse breed or pony breed developed over the years to carry out a specific purpose. Today many of the horse breeds and pony breeds are mostly used for leisure activities but each horse breed or pony breed has differing height ranges, abilities and temperaments, making them suitable for different purposes. Below is a list of just some of the horse breeds and pony breeds that exist. Click on any horse breed or pony breed to view the breed profile of that horse or pony.

Akhal-Teke Horse
American Paint Horse
American Quarter Horse
American Saddlebred Horse
American Standardbred Horse
Andalusian Horse
Appaloosa Horse
Arab Horse / Arabian Horse
Belgiam Warmblood Horse
Camargue Horse
Cleveland Bay Horse
Clydesdale Horse
Connemara Pony
Dales Pony
Dartmoor Pony
Dutch Warmblood Horse
Exmoor Pony
Fell Pony
Fjord Horse
Friesian Horse
Gelderland / Gelderlander Horse
Hackney Horse / Pony
Haflinger Horse
Hanoverian Horse

Holsteiner Horse
Highland Pony
Icelandic Horse
Irish Draught Horse
Knabstrupper Horse
Lipizzaner Horse
Lusitano Horse
Morgan Horse
Mustang Pony
New Forest Pony
Palomino Horse
Selle Francais Horse
Shetland Pony
Shire Horse
Suffolk Punch Horse
Tennessee Walking Horse
Tersk Horse
Thoroughbred Horse
Trakehner Horse
Welsh Mountain Section A Pony
Welsh Mountain Section B Pony
Welsh Section C Pony
Welsh Section D, Cob

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