Thursday, March 8, 2012

Irish Draught horses

The Irish Draught is a quality, medium heavy breed developed as an all round working horse in Ireland. It is a good ride and drive animal and was also used extensively by the military as a pack horse. The Irish Draught was developed by farmers as a general purpose heavy to light draught animal for farm  work, general harness work, riding, and hunting. It had to do everything from plowing and hauling, pulling a vehicle to market, and taking the family to church in the trap on Sundays, to galloping and jumping after hounds over Ireland's fearsome bogs black thorn hedges, and formidable banks. Unexpectedly agile and enthusiastic for its type and weight, The Irish Draught is spirited and amenable, active, and courageous. It is athletic and has natural jumping ability and stamina. Irish Draught horses stand about 16 hands high.

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