Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Percheron horses

The Percheron is noted for its equable temperament, its intelligence, ease of handling, and willingness to work.
It is an elegant type of heavy horse due to the constant infusions of Oriental type blood over the centuries. It is energetic and active, with a long low, free stride showing little knee action. Although undoubtedly now a heavy
breed, it definitely shows its lighter and particularly its Oriental ancestry in its carriage, the set of the head and facial expression, and the lack of feather on the lower legs. Like any heavy breed, it is resistant to most weather conditions and, for its size, dose not need excessive amounts of food to keep it in good condition. However, it dose have relatively fine skin, and its coat is quite fine and satiny, even in winter, which is unusual
in a heavy horse and may denote a certain lack of hardiness in extremes of weather, yet Percheron horses have been exported all over the world and have always appeared to adapt well to their new climate. Percherons are still used as working horses in agriculture and haulage in France and other countries, and in shows and competitions. Their good temperament and energy make them popular workhorses.

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