Saturday, March 24, 2012

Morgan horses

Morgan horses are favorite all round and family horses. They have great personality, but are tractable and willing. All of them to this day, are very much alike, taking after their founding stallion, Justin Morgan.
 The Morgan is an excellent all rounder and makes an ideal family horse. It takes part and acquits itself well in any type of equestrian activity and is suitable for professional and amateur riders alike. Morgan horses stand about 14 hands high. Spirit, tractability, and willingness are all hall marks of the Morgan. They have speed, stamina, and are extremely versatile it is hard to think of anything a Morgan could not do well. A warmblood
horse, the Morgan is hardy and quite frugal, so is reasonably easy to care for.

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Flame of Jah said...

Morgans are my favorite horse breed, someday, I'd love to own one, thanks for sharing,

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Flame of Jah