Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ineresting Facts About Rabbits

1. Baby Bunnies are commonly referred to as “kittens”
2. A Rabbit’s teeth never stop growing
3. Girl rabbits are referred to as “does”
4. Male rabbits are referred to as “bucks”
5. In the wild rabbits live in groups called “warrens”
6. Some rabbits can breed at as early as 3 months old
7. Rabbits are classified as “lagomorphs”
8. Today’s domestic rabbit is descended from the European Rabbit
9. Rabbits do not vomit
10. A rabbit’s gestation period is approximately 30 days
11. The backbone of a rabbit is very fragile and can break easily when handled improperly or dropped on its back
12. Domestic rabbits are born without fur
13. Bunny Rabbits are generally the most active during the evening and early morning
14. When rabbits grind their teeth it can sound like a purr
15. Rabbits are nearsighted
16. Rabbits are classified as mammals
17. Rabbits are not rodents but can resemble them in appearance
18. The largest number of kits every born in a litter is 24!
19. A rabbit has five toenails on its front two paws and four toenails on its back two feet. =18 toenails per rabbit
20. The longest rabbit ears ever recorded measured up to be 31.125 inches long!
21. The world’s heaviest rabbit is Darius, weighing an unprecedented 50 pounds!
22. Hundreds of years ago rabbits were often released on deserted islands in hopes of giving shipwrecked sailors a reliable food source
23. Some places in the world have had serious trouble with rabbit overpopulation
24. There are over 150 recognized rabbit coat colors and varieties
25. The current world record for a rabbit long jump is 3 meters
26. The current world record for the rabbit high jump is 1 meter
27. Rabbits only sweat on the pads of their feet
28. A rabbit will eat its own cecotropes (night droppings)- they are a valuable source of protein
29. A group of bunnies from the same mother are called a “litter”
30. Domestic rabbit kits are born with their eyes shut
31. It has been estimated that in Australia rabbits destroy around $600 million worth of crops each year
32. Rabbits were an important home meat supply during World War II
33. Not all rabbits will “breed like rabbits”
34. In ancient Egypt rabbits were used as sport for dog racing
35. The scientific name for the rabbit is Oryctolagus cuniculus
36. Rabbits and hares commonly found in the United States of America include the cottontail, jackrabbit, snowshoe rabbit and the domestic rabbit
37. Rabbits can interbreed with Hares
38. Pet rabbits tend to live to be much older that wild rabbits
39. Some rabbits are raised specifically for their fur
40.  A rabbit business is commonly called a “rabbitry”
41.  There are around 180 different rabbit breeds worldwide!

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