Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Interesting horse facts

Camargue horses are completely white as adults. Their babies are pure black when they are born.

Their is a breed of horse from Russia called Akhal-Teke. it can go for days without food or water.

You measure a horse height in hands. Each hand equals four inches. If you say a horse is 16.2 hands high, the 2 stands for 2 fingers. 

You can tell how old a horse is by how many teeth it has. A horse gets all of its teeth by the time it is 5 years old. After that, they just get longer. 

A female horse is called a mare. In the wild it is the mare that decides when the herd moves to another spot to find food.

A male horse is called a stallion. Usually only one stallion will stay with the herd.

Any marking on a horse's forehead is called a star, even if it is not shaped like a star. 

Horses and ponies feel safer when they are in a herd.

Mustangs are one of few breeds of horses that live wild in North America. They are related to the horses that the Spanish explores  brought to North America 400 years ago.

Horses can communicate how they are feeling by their facial expressions. They use their ears, nostrils, and eyes to show their mood. Beware of a horse that has flared nostrils and their ears back. That means it might attack.

A hoof is like a fingernail. It is always growing and needs to be clipped so that it won't be uncomfortable for the horse.

A farrier is a person who makes horse shoes and fits them on your horse. They also clip hooves to keep them from getting overgrown.

A horse can move in four ways: walk, trot, canter, gallop. A gallop is the fastest gait.


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Ian said...

Nice post! You missed the Tolk, a gait unique to the Icelandic horse.