Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Wonder Horses Of Oregon

There were, in the late 1800’s wild horses still roaming Oregon state in the USA, and they were prized for their exceptionally good looks and long manes, hence their being referred to as the ‘Oregon Wild Long-haired Wonder Horses. In early 1870, the first stallion captured, named ‘Oregon Beauty’ was mated with a Clydesdale female called ‘Oregon Queen’ and the first filly born in captivity arrived soon after,welcomed by the owners who were the Rutherford brothers.
Called ‘Linus’ this wondrous horse was taken around fairs, show-grounds and museums for many years, showing off her glorious long mane and general good looks. She was a genuine crowd-puller. Until 1887 she gave pleasure to untold numbers of sightseers, before being tragically killed upon being struck by lightning. Luckily, she had produced a son, also named Linus II, and the tradition was able to continue.
 The” Wonder Horses” of Oregon are remarkable for the great growth of hair in mane and tail, which for length and thickness is not equaled in the world. Since these horses have been bred in captivity this growth of beautiful silken hair has increased with each generation. The wonderful endurance and intelligence of this breed of equines is at once apparent to anyone familiar with horses. Another remarkable characteristic of this truly wonderful breed of horses is their color, all of them being rich chestnuts, by reason of their thoroughbred origin. No doubt the “Oregon Wonder Horses” are the truest descendents of the first horses brought to America by Cortez, the conquerer of Mexico. Probably some’ escaped at that early period and established this breed hundreds of years ago remaining wild and uncaptured. They are truly glorious animals.

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Jenny said...

I learned something new today! Interesting! I love Oregon and I love horses!

Tansku said...

Ah,tykkään niiin hevosista,jotta tulla tupsahdin ja tulen uudelleen!