Monday, January 16, 2012

Arabian horses

Arabian horses stand about 14 to 15 hands.
The Arabian breed is internationally famous for its great stamina and is much in demand as a competition endurance horse today.  Arabians can carry heavy weights for their height and love to work with a human partner they respect and trust.

Arabians are intelligent horses, perceptive, sensitive, and thoughtful,not only in the sense of being considerate and gentle toward people and other animals, but also in thinking out situations for themselves. They do have a reputation for being difficult among those who have tried to force them to do something against their will, but they are extremely courageous and will try their best for someone they trust. As they originated in hot climates they are fine-skinned and have all the physical characteristics facilitating easy heat-loss from the body, but tend not to be so sensitive to the cold weather as the Thoroughbred. they can usually be handled by novices and children provided those concerned have a regard for their nature and a sensitivity toward them.
                                this is a picture of a Arabian horse.

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Preacher K said...

The Arabian horses are beautiful creatures. Seem to be of nice temperament as well. Where do Arabians originate from?

Thanks for the info!

Becca said...

Arabian horses originate from Australia, Asia and Africa