Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rabbit nest

Here is a few pictures of a female rabbit making her nest. Female rabbits collect straw and grass in their Mouth to make their nest When female rabbits get ready to have their babies we give them nesting boxes to have their babies in. if you do not give the
Female rabbits a box to have their babies in they  will get distressed because there is no place to have their babies. 




Preacher K said...

What kinds of things does the momma rabbit use to build her nest?

Why does she need to build a nest for her babies?

How do rabbits survive in the wild...there is no one to give them a nest box?

Becca said...

Female rabbits use grass and straw to build their nests,
the reason why female rabbits build nests is to keep
their babies warm and safe, the reason why rabbits in the wild
do not need nesting boxes is because they dig holes under ground
to have their babies in,


Raquel said...

I've heard that the mother and father rabbits will sometimes try to eat their babies when they reach a certain age. Is this true? And what did y'all do to prevent your baby bunnies from becoming victims?

You are so knowledgeable. Love the info, Joanna! Thank you!


Becca said...

hello Raquel
Father rabbits will kill their babies when they reach
a certain age. mommy rabbits will eat their babies
if they get distressed. we raise our rabbits colony
stile but we keep the male rabbits in their cages.
When we breed our rabbits we let the male rabbits
mate and then we put them back in their cages
to keep them from killing the babies.

God bless and have a good day