Monday, January 9, 2012

A Few of our Rabbits

 Here is a picture of one of our rabbits.

 Rabbits are born with no fur and their eyes are closed. When they are five days old their fur grows in. When they get about ten days old their eyes open. When the female rabbits are ready to have their babies they build nests and pull out fur to keep their babies warm until their fur grows in. Female rabbits are pregnant for about one month.
Wild rabbits dig holes under the ground. The reason why they have their babies
under ground is to keep them protected from foxes and other predators,
and to keep them warm and safe until they can fend for them selves.

Here are a few more of our rabbits.



Raquel said...

Awww! Your rabbits are so cute. How many do you have in all?

I learned something new by your post, Joanna! So the mama rabbits pull out their OWN fur to keep their baby bunnies warm? That is VERY interesting.

I may have grown up in the country, but the only time my family ever had a rabbit was when I was a little girl--and even then, he was just a pet named BlueBell.

Can't wait to read more, lovelies! :)
Raquel (But you can also click on my name and go to my blogspot....)

Preacher K said...

Those rabbits are soooo cute!

How long have you had the rabbits?

What breeds of rabbits do you have?

Becca said...

hello Raquel
we have twelve rabbits in all
we breed rabbits to sell and eat
we used to have twenty rabbits
but we ate eight of them


Becca said...

hi preacher K
we have a Chocolate Otter Rex
a mini Rex mini lop
a dutch bunny
and nine California new Zealand
we have had rabbits for
one and a half years


Raquel said...

Wow... how did your rabbits taste? And who does the butchering? I have never eaten rabbit before. (That I know of, that is....)

I am very interested in raising rabbits when I get back to Idaho. Could you please direct me to information about what domestic rabbits need to survive, how to butcher them, and how to prepare them? How did you learn to take care of rabbits?

Perhaps you could do a series of posts on your experience of raising rabbits, (which it looks like you're already doing).


Becca said...

Hi Raquel,
Rabbit meat tastes like chicken, or maybe's very mild and there is white meat and dark meat, just like a bird.
Dad and Mom do the butchering. When we moved to the country
Jessica wanted a rabbit, so she was the first one to get a rabbit. Jessica has the dutch rabbit and she got it for her 15th birthday.

We decided to raise rabbits to sell, and eat. We did a lot of researching on the internet and we studied a lot about rabbits.