Wednesday, January 11, 2012

infomation about rabbits

Rabbits can eat carrots, lettuce, apples, pears,oats,grass, and dandelions. You can buy food for Rabbits at the store.

We usually give are rabbits a certain amount of food a day. We give our rabbits about
3/4 cup of rabbit’s food we get from the store. Rabbits also need a good amount of fresh clean water and a nice warm place to stay. Rabbit’s teeth do not stop growing so we give our rabbits little pieces of wood to chew on to keep their teeth from getting to long. I will give you more information about rabbits later.    

Posted by Joanna


Preacher K said...

Is there any way to feed the rabbits from the land or do you always have to buy food for them?

What kinds of things can you feed them from your yard?

I always see pictures of rabbits eating this really true? Do rabbits really like to eat carrots?

Becca said...

rabbits can eat grass and dandelions
from the yard, when we are out of food
to feed our rabbits we pick grass and
gather dandelions to feed the rabbits,
all our rabbits like carrots,


Raquel said...

This post is so interesting!

What kind of wood do you give them to keep their teeth from growing?


Becca said...

hello Raquel
we sometimes give our rabbits small stick
to chew on. we give them pretty much any wood.