Friday, May 25, 2012

Galiceno Ponies

The Galiceno seems to have inherited many Arab characteristics, it is a tough and hardy quality pony, Intelligent, courageous, and a quick learner with lovely temperament. It is also fast and enduring. In Mexico, the Galiceno is used for ranch work and a light harness work. It is ridden by small adults and children. In North America, it excels as a competition pony. Galiceno Ponies are bay, black, chestnut, dun, and gray.
Galiceno Ponies stand about 12hh to 13.2hh. Much less famous than its related Iberian breeds, the Galiceno is more Arab type and is hardy, intelligent, and of light quality with stamina. Its fast, running four bent walk carries riders comfortably and fast over long distances. Ideal for ranch work, is has many other talents.

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