Monday, May 7, 2012

Welsh Pony of Cob Type

The Welsh Pony of Cob Type has definite pony character, is lively, willing, enthusiastic, and amenable. It needs only basic care and a fairly frugal diet, doing best on sparse grassland. The Welsh Pony of Cob Type makes an excellent family mount for young riders or smaller adults. As an all round, ride and drive animal, it cannot be beaten. It is much in demand in today's tourists industry as a trekking pony, and it takes part in competitive driving. It is shown in performance classes, breed, and general pony showing classes. The Welsh Pony of Cob Type is a pony sized animal with the build, strength, and character of the larger Welsh Cob. The least numerous of the Welsh breeds, it was developed mainly as a strong, fairly small harness animal. Welsh Ponies of Cob Type stand about 13 hands high.

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