Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Holstein Horses

The Holstein has an excellent temperament and is of a different makeup to other warmbloods, retaining the big, rangy, substantial build, yet conforming to the requirements of those who want a large, elegant, and not unduly fine performance horse. The breed is tough and hardy, having been traditionally kept outdoors in swampy marsh land. The inclusion of more Thoroughbred blood today, though, demands that the Holstein should be properly sheltered in severe weather conditions. Today, the Holstein is used for carriage driving, show jumping (for which it seems to have a natural talent), eventing (where its great stride eats up the cross country miles and often make  light of huge fences), and also in dressage, where its height and quality give it a commanding presence. It is also used by the military for parade purposes. Holstein Horses stand about 16 to 17 hands high.

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