Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Andalusian Horses

Pride, courage, and spirit combined with docility and affection toward people typify the Andalusian's character. Small children habitually ride them in Spain, yet they possess all the fire and presence demanded by an expert horseman of a display or parade horse. The Andalusian is mainly used for display purpose and for bullfighting. The agility and power of the breed ideally suit it to the intricate movements needed of a bullfighting horse, from which some Haute Ecole airs derive. It is difficult to import the best examples of a breed which is jealously guarded in its homeland, but the breed is gradually spreading and there are a limited number of Andalusians in Britain, more in the United States, Andalusians have the conformation and power to make good jumpers. They are athletic, energetic horses with ideal gaits for advanced dressage, but apart from being superb general riding and carriage horses, they are used in showing classes, both in hand and under saddle. Andalusian horses stand about 15 hands high.

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