Thursday, April 19, 2012

French Trotter

The French Trotter is a horse of considerable quality with the appearance of a big and strong Thoroughbred. The harness trotters are slightly smaller than the ridden trotters. The temperament of the French Trotter is similar to that of the Thoroughbred with regard to both spirit and energy. The French Trotter today is used almost exclusively as a trotting racer in harness and under saddle. Horses which do not make the grade in racing do, however, make very good riding horses and seem to have an inborn jumping ability. The saddle bred trotters are used to stud to sire competition and general riding horses French trotter blood is found in the Selle Francais. French Trotter horses stand about 16 hand high. 

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful horses, that's for sure! :)