Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brabant Horses

The dominant characteristics of the Brabant are its docile temperament, its strength, and its weight. It has been described as phlegmatic, even sluggish, but almost always good natured. As for pulling power, it is almost impossible to beat, its nearest rival in strength being the English Shire. It is an early maturing and long lived horse, obedient, unflappable, extremely strong and reliable, willing to work hard. It has a strong constitution and is very hardy, requiring only moderate amounts of food considering its size and body mass. In common with all heavy breeds, the Brabant is used mainly for heavy agricultural and haulage work short haul road transportation, logging, estate work, and as a dray horse. It is enthusiastically received in the show ring, either in showing classes or in publicity displays. The Brabant is still used as a foundation stock in warmblood breeding. A major influence on most of the world's heavy breeds, the Brabant became even more popular than the old Flanders Horse in the development of heavy breeds in the 19th century. A powerful horse, with a willing temperament, its blood is still used in warmblood breeding. Brabant horses stand about 15 to 17 hands high.

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