Monday, April 23, 2012

Haflinger Ponies

Halfingers are docile yet bright, friendly, and trusting toward humans. They are late maturing but extremely hardy, and have great stamina and strength. The Halfinger is still used in forestry and farming in the Alps, and is equally at home in harness pulling sleighs, carts, or carriages, and under saddle. It is also a popular family pony. Of heavy type with an Arab look to the head the Halfinger is chunky and compact, possessing great strength and endurance. Founded hundreds of years ago as a small sturdy, working horse the modern Halfinger has survived border changes in its home region between Austria and Italy. It remains an extremely popular large working pony and is especially useful as a family pony, since it is noted for liking people.

Posted by Joanna and Rebecca

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