Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hackney Horses and Ponies

The Hackney Horse and Hackney Pony are spirited and energetic animals, not suited to novice handlers. They have great stamina at a fast trot and require expertise in their handling. These days, Hackneys are almost exclusively used in the show ring, where their speed and stamina is seldom displayed or tested. Some Hackneys have been used in competitive carriage driving and show jumping. Today's Hackney presents an over all picture of fire and speed. Its conformation suggests it is ideally suited to carriage work. The Hackney Horse, and the Hackney Pony, are show horses par excellence. A very specialized breed, they are a horseman's Horse and need skilled handling to control their extravagant trotting action and spirited temperament. Hackney Horses and ponies range from 12 to 15 hands high.

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