Friday, April 27, 2012

Australian Pony

The Australian Pony s an excellent riding pony, refined yet not too light. It is renowned for being sound and healthy, robust, responsive, even natured, and hardy. It shows its blood ancestry, but does not require cosseting, and it is easy for children to ride and care for. One of its most favored features, in addition to its excellent temperament, is its long, free, and flowing action. The Australian Pony is mainly used as a children's riding pony, but is also makes a good harness pony. It has good jumping ability and has the quality to be shown at the highest level. Its stamina also makes it popular for junior trail and endurance riding. The Australian pony is a mixture of pony blood from Europe and Indonesia, plus the Eastern influence of the Arab and Thoroughbred. It is popular as a children's riding, trail, and endurance pony, and it also goes well under harness. Australian ponies stand about 12 to 14 hands high.

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