Sunday, April 29, 2012

Standardbred Horses

The Standardbred is the fastest trotting and pacing harness racer in the world. It has been bred with the most painstaking care and precision for one purpose only, to trot or pace harnessed to an ultralight two wheeled racing sulky for one mile (1.6km) to a minimum standard time. This aim has produced a definite breed of horse with predictable abilities and qualities of physique and temperament. The Standardbred, although undoubtedly a blood horse, is tough with great stamina, and although it requires reasonable care, it does not require excess cosseting. It is docile and easy to handle, willing, enthusiastic, and energetic with a natural competitive streak. The Standardbred's main role today is participating in trotting and pacing races, which take part in its homeland, the United States, but also in Scandinavia, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Those horses not used for racing, or which are just not  fast enough, make excellent riding horses and seem particularly suited to endurance riding and hunting because of their stamina. Although they make good event horses, they are not quite as fast as the Thoroughbred, which still dominate the top levels of sport. Standardbred Horses stand about 14 to 16 hands high.

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