Thursday, April 26, 2012

Icelandic Ponies

The Icelandic Pony is unsurprisingly tough and hardy, requiring almost no special care. It is very strong and sound, quiet to handle, inquisitive, friendly, yet independent. Today, the ponies find a fairly ready market outside their homeland for they excel as children's ponies and are popular as trekking mounts. They are also outstanding as endurance rides. They are still used by farmers in Iceland for a variety of farming tasks. The Icelandic Pony is stocky and strongly built. The neck is short and thick, and the legs are short and sturdy, with short cannons and extremely tough feet. The Icelandic Pony is a five gaited pony. Its most distinctive gait is the tolt, a running walk as fast as a canter. Icelandic Ponies stand about 12 to 13 hands high.

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