Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dartmoor pony

The Dartmoor is tough, strong and hardy with a quiet, sensible and kind nature. The Dartmoor is used today as an ideal children's riding pony and in competitive driving. The Dartmoor is an example of an indigenous breed which, although subject to infusions of other blood, has largely retained its original characteristics. It now makes an excellent children's and small harness pony. Although herds of purebreds live on the moor, mares are usually put in  foal to purebred stallions on farms and private studs, where most ponies are bought in for the winter. Full of real pony character, the Dartmoor is sturdy and well balanced, with slender but sturdy legs and tough well formed feet. The Dartmoor's distinguishing feature is its blood horse like action. when moving it hardly shows any knee flexion, having a free, long, and low stride.  Dartmoor ponies stand about 12 hands high.

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